The Krackow Company


Don’t miss the exceptional modern Tanjuvar recurve in the section called ‘What We Offer’.

Several carefully selected glass-backed longbows and recurves for those occasions when you are protective of your selfbows, plus several creative all-wood laminated models, and one great self-bow for the purist.

Two Outstanding Recurves

Navajo Diamond One-piece Recurve

A 56 or 60" recurve capable of 200fps with hunting weight arrows. A Diamond is a woman’s and man’s best friend, and this Navajo Diamond is right up there. In addition to the outstanding performance, the aesthetics in the craftsmanship and finish are superb. Maker is Roy Hall.

Navajo Diamond II Take-down

A very high level, accurate, powerful, and smooth takedown recurve. 58" and 64." Many exotic wood choices. Exceptional finish. By Roy Hall of Navajo Bows.

If you want a reliable recurve, and your funds are very limited, Lancaster Archery Supply offers several Samick recurves between $200.00 and $300.00. Go directly to them.

Exquisite Longbows (to replace the extinct Frederick Regent-K)

The Tomahawk Bow Diamond Series

There is that substance again-diamond. Exotic riser woods and phenolic precisely joined together really sets this series of bows at the highest level. Deflex-reflex limbs with a carbon core. You may view this series in the 3-Rivers Catalogue or website. I would be glad to order one of these for you at exactly the same price as listed by 3-Rivers. Dale Karch is the maker, a veteran bowyer and hunter, owner of 3-Rivers Archery.

The Sugarcreek Natural

Inspired by the master designs of the 30s, conceived jointly by Tim Troyer and Krackow, and now crafted by Gregg Coffey (of Java Man Bows). Smooth classic lines allow the contrasting natural woods and leather tones to be prominent. 70" hickory backed osage flatbow with small static recurve tips with brushnocks of dark wood strikingly v-spliced between back and belly. Dark wenge accent in handle wrapped in newbuck leather perfectly matched with a horizontal newbuck back quiver.

Classic Quivers originally designed by Larry Snell

A graceful four-inch taper sets these quivers apart from the rest. 21" long with 4" top opening. Each one is different and can be made to fit your interests. Made only of the best and most aesthetic leathers. Has a more refined look than the traditional rustic hunter. Adjustable shoulder strap. Each strap is riveted on so that side needs to be stated.

Brad Smith Oakleaf Longbow

For the purist, one piece of osage fashioned into a semi-English type longbow (a relatively narrow somewhat flattened D cross section). Dark horn nocks. Has slight arrow window. Back of bow artfully hand decorated in pen and ink with oak leaf and animal motifs over deer hide. Brad has won competitions and taken a large American Bison with this model. Its unique beauty enhances its exceptional accuracy.


Krackow is no longer doing much with arrows and we recommend you to go directly to Kustom King, 3-Rivers, or other sources.

The Archer and the Rest of Nature

Here are some books that are not limited to any continent, or to any one type of archer; they cross all geographical boundaries and wrestle with universal questions of how humans should relate to the rest of nature, to each other, and the higher values and purposes of life. They continue the thoughts of early archers and conservationists like Aldo Leopold.

On the Edge of the Wild: Passions and Pleasures of a Naturalist by Stephen J. Bodio. Through the imperial behavior of hunting falcons, and through Stephen’s hunting and writing from around the world rewarding questions about life are raised. Especially highly recommended. Hardcover, 199 pages. $25.00.

Cry of the Kalahari by Mark and Delia Owens. Very surprising non-aggressive aspects of the great carnivorous predators of the desert which live by killing. Seven years of observation before the area was disturbed by humans. $15.00.

Hunting in the Ancient World by J.K. Anderson. Unique description of knowledge, equipment, and hunting methods with 48 fairly good illustrations. Unfortunately limited to the activities largely of the gentleman hunter, not of the sustenance hunter. 200 page, University of California Press. $60.00.

Counting Sheep: Twenty Ways of Seeing Desert Bighorn by Gary Nabhan. A stimulating anthology of nature writers, what they examine, and how. Paper, 261 pages, 1993. $17.95

Hunting the Osage Bow by Dean Torges. Meticulous steps in harvesting that most challenging being-the osage bow. But most of all, the soul of a man who loves the bow, loves his fellow beings, and loves moving into the wind comes through with clarity. $19.95.

The Traditional Way: The Mystique and Heritage of Archery. by Fred Anderson. The human side of archery-Photos of dozens of great people who loved to shoot well, people who enjoyed and lived through archery the enduring values of goodness, truth, and beauty. $22.95.

Tigers and Ice: Reflections on Nature and Life by Edward Hoagland. What a highly acclaimed nature writer thinks he saw in the natural world, from the stormy ice caps to the sweltering jungles. 1999, Lyons Press. $22.00 U.S. $33.00 Canada.

The Country Ahead of Us, The Country Behind by David Gutterson. Ten short stories of the profound joys and sorrows of life woven through the lives of hunters. A new PEN/Faulkner Award winning writer who will not disappoint you. Paper, 1645 pages, $11.00, Canada $14.95.


The Witchery of Archery by Maurice Thompson

Originally 1876, a 1984 reprint. A story of learning traditional archery shooting, hunting, and social archery in the earliest days of the revival in the United States. (Credited along with Pope's Hunting with the Bow and Arrow as two great catalysts of modern archery activity in the U.S.) Paper, 269 pp. $8.95

Instinctive Shooting G. Fred Asbell, 1988.

For adults to teach themselves or to help guide children into the challenge of traditional shooting without the assistance of sights or other mechanical devices. Oriented somewhat toward hunting, but useful for all purposes. Widely acclaimed material by a master archer and leader. Good pictures of positions and techniques. Paper, 128 pp.$15.00

Ishi and Elvis by Jim Hamm

Artfully written hunting experiences interwoven smoothly with reflections about the land ethic and our place in natural history. May emerge on a par with the essays of Aldo Leopold. Hard cover, tasteful b&w illustrations. $19.95.

Whitetail Tactics with Recurves and Longbows by Jim Hamm

Paper, 172 pages including many high good quality b&w photos. $16.95.

Archery Tackle, How to Make and Use It by Adolph Shane

Valuable for the bowyers and archers who want to know what was in the minds of the makers in 1936. $9.95

How to Make your Own Osage Longbow by Brad Smith

Paper, spiral bound, many sketches showing exact progression from log or stave to finished bow. $15.00. This is the Brad Smith of the Oakleaf Longbow.

Heart and Blood: Living with Deer in America by Richard Nelson

From the sympathetic viewpoint of a sound hunter who is also a cultural anthropologist. The behavior, physiology, changing pattern of deer populations in the U.S., deer management, and interactions with humans. Fun, extremely informative, and definitely meaty. $27.50

Become the Arrow: The Art of Modern Barebow Shooting by Byron Ferguson

A system of barebow shooting by an renowned marksman and trick shot, plus hunting stories at the end. 109 pages, $11.

Longbows in the Far North: An Archer's Adventures in Alaska and Siberia by E. Donnall Thomas

The title speaks for itself, an ecologically and humanly sensitive model of modern international hunting with traditional equipment. Adventure and Excitement. Hardback. 131pp. $17.95.