The Krackow Company

What We Offer

The Krackow Company was founded in 1996 by David and Phyllis Gray. It was and still is dedicated to promoting traditional archery of all kinds, ancient and modern, from around the world.

We maintain a small inventory of select items bows and quivers, but most of our orders are custom bow and quiver/case orders. We match an order from anywhere in the world with the many international makers we deal with and the item is usually shipped directly to the customer. We also stock about one-hundred book titles on ground and mounted archery.

For more background on Krackow please see the About Us section.

We enjoy serving you in this way.

“Tanjavur” bow by Greg Coffey

This bow is a good example of our passion for combining durability, performance, and beauty by integrating old and new forms.

Perfect joinery unites 16 different layers of exotic woods in the handle section in a sweet flowing compound curve. The set-back handle design is ancient but the joinery, pistol grip and shelf are modern. The side view of the limbs show quite a thickening in the last nine inches which echoes the 9,000 year-old Holmegarrd, but the restrained recurve may be more modern as are the fiberglass reinforcement and the fast flight string. We believe that it is among the world’s very best for the dedicated hunter. Length is 58 inches, but length and weight can be customized. This bow is made in the U.S.A. but our business is with bowyers from around the world.

Traditional Archery from Six Continents by the late Charles E. Grayson, 2007. Columbia, Missouri: University of Missouri Press. This revered friend of traditional archery shares with us between these covers and at the University of Missouri Museum of Anthropology his rich collection from six continents. Again, this book is typical of the very best, timeless, international archery which Krackow strives to promote. $59.95